Trump Gate-Crashes Mexico

A surprise meeting with the Mexican president today, ahead of his “major immigration speech” in Arizona: Donald Trump announced it on Twitter yesterday. But according to the Bajo Reserva column in Mexico City’s daily El Universal, Trump more or less proclaimed the meeting without consulting with the Mexican government, setting the date to fit with his US speech, catching President Enrique Pena Nieto flatfooted.

Basically, the Republican candidate to the White House has spectacularly crashed the gates of the Mexican government. Donald Trump’s confirmation via his Twitter account that he would travel to this country to be received by President Enrique Pena Nieto took Mexican diplomats completely off guard.

He will not be coming to set an agenda, and has not even changed an iota of his anti-immigration stance; he is just seeking the spotlight, according to the team of foreign minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu.

Minutes after Trump’s confirmation, the Mexican presidency concurred on its own Twitter account that the Donald had accepted an invitation and would be meeting privately on Wednesday [today]with the President.

Sources in the Presidential Palace say Pena Nieto had sent an invitation to both candidates for the American presidency last Friday, and that the Hillary Clinton campaign had replied that they looked favorably on the idea of a meeting. We are told that Pena Nieto had no interest in meeting with either candidate this week, because he was extremely occupied with work on his fourth annual governance report [due this week]. However, Trump immediately put pressure on them, and then by putting the message out on his social network account, he stole a march on the Mexican presidency, forcing their hand.

Translated from Spanish by International Boulevard.