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The Israel Method

The Israel Method? Actually That’s a Euphemism.

What do all these French pundits calling for “Israeli Methods” against terrorism really want? Reading between the lines, Sylvain Cypel in Orient XXI sees nostalgia for the good old days of the savage violence of the colonial era.

The July 14 attack in Nice that took the lives of 86 people and injured another 434 naturally raises questions about preventing such appalling events.

Techniques for Post-Mortem Punishment: an Israeli Guidebook

Israeli soldiers have shot to death dozens of young Palestinians in the occupied cities of the West Bank and Jerusalem in recent months, many of them after they tried to attack soldiers or settlers with knives. After they are killed, Majd Kayyal writes, the punishment continues for their families; the bodies are kept in Israeli freezers for ambiguous and unexplained months, until they are abruptly delivered: frozen, blackened blocks of ice, after midnight, often to graveyards far from home.

More than 200 Palestinians have been martyred since Oct 1 of last year, a quarter of them children not even in their teens.

A Global City, Emptied of Inconvenient Reality

Behind the violence shaking occupied Jerusalem, writes Haneen Naamnih in Al Safir Al Arabi, is a vast colonial enterprise slowly remaking the city.

In 2013, Jerusalem hosted an exhibition show of Formula One car racing, transforming itself into a gigantic racetrack that attracted thousands of people eager to watch the thrilling event.

Welcome to Hotel Hebron: Check Out Anytime You Like

In 1968, a half-dozen tourists check into a hotel in downtown Hebron: they never leave. Rue 89’s reporter visits this city of 200,000 Palestinians in the West Bank, where a few hundred unwanted American guests now occupy the downtown, endlessly repeating that “Hebron is a Jewish city,” a place where the surreal is the everyday.

Imagine this: one fine day, a rich investor knocks on your door, all smiles, and offers to buy your house. For how much? A million dollars for the land and the building.

We’re Not Racist, We Just Don’t Want Arabs

Liberal Zionists in northern Israel, many of them refugees from apartheid South Africa, come face to face with the contradictions of the Jewish State when Arab Israelis try to move into their neighborhood. Shades of American legal fights over racial covenants in the last century.

Residents of the Misgav communities in the Galilee consider themselves to be liberal, peace-loving people who support coexistence with their Arab neighbors.