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For Mexicans, the Double Curse of a Pushover President in the Face of Trump

Twice now since August, Donald Trump has treated the Mexican president with open contempt, and been met with shocked and feeble hesitation, writes the Mexico City daily La Jornada. A president and a political class which have somehow still failed to apprehend the kind of man they are now dealing with in Washington:

“When you don’t make a decision soon enough,” the old proverb says, “someone will make it for you.”

Trump Gate-Crashes Mexico

A surprise meeting with the Mexican president today, ahead of his “major immigration speech” in Arizona: Donald Trump announced it on Twitter yesterday. But according to the Bajo Reserva column in Mexico City’s daily El Universal, Trump more or less proclaimed the meeting without consulting with the Mexican government, setting the date to fit with his US speech, catching President Enrique Pena Nieto flatfooted.

Basically, the Republican candidate to the White House has spectacularly crashed the gates of the Mexican government.

The Deliveryman

Meet Driver: he delivers wretched little moments of paid pleasure to men in a life of toil. And in equal measure, he delivers endless moments of horror to women in a life of sexual slavery. The Mexican prostitution mafia that services immigrant workers in America, from Nexos:

Driver tensed up like a spring. He was seated in the front seat of his red Charger -- this was normal, but it wasn't normal they call him when the evening had hardly begun. It was too early. Way too fucking early, man.

A Bus Ride in Rome, Navigating Twin Seas of Resentment

In the wake of a seemingly inexplicable attack on a public bus by a mob of immigrants, a journalist in Rome rides the 508 bus at night, navigating a maelstrom of rage, fear and frustration among the Italian capital’s underclass, both immigrants and natives.

“Have you ever taken the 508?” A few days after the incident, I accept the invitation. I take the subway to Ponte Mammolo and walk to the Atac company station.

In Tragedy of Migrant Deaths in Sahara, Signals of a Renewed Integration

Algerian sociologist Ali Bensaad says that the interventions of the modern states that have developed on both sides of the Sahara, building artificial cities in the desert to define and control the boundaries there, have paradoxically made the borders more porous and increased the flow of migration.

Forty-six Nigerien migrants died trying to cross the Algerian desert a couple of days ago.

To Be a Nigerian in South Africa

For Nigerians who have migrated halfway down the continent to the comparative prosperity of South Africa, their adopted country can be a hard and brutal place. Nigerians often face racism in South Africa and elsewhere, where they are considered disreputable and dishonest. Official corruption and violence, even against relatively well off immigrants, is rampant and often deadly.

He is by every standard a successful Nigerian businessman and resident in South Africa

Your Tired, Your Hungry, Your Golden Geese

In Sicily and Lampedusa, some at least welcome the leaking, battered boats bearing loads of immigrants from the distant shores of Africa: the entrepreneurs who bid on the government contracts to warehouse them for processing and eventual expulsion or asylum. From La Repubblica, a scathing assessment of the migration business:

The more migrants who swarm into Lampedusa, the more money they make.

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