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The Radical Vegetarians Are Coming For Your Steak Knives

The growth of militant Hinduism in India, which this year swept the BJP nationalists to power, is expressed in numerous and occasionally unexpected ways. In Open Magazine, Lhendup G Bhutia writes that militant vegetarianism is on the rise around the country.

Vegetarian activism in India, unlike the West, is not limited to spot-shaming celebrities wearing fur or the token protest over a dinner table.

When Saints Become Killers, or Killers Become Saints

A city both blessed and cursed by religious tradition, India’s Ayodhya was the locus of an enormous 1992 riot in which a Hindu mob 150,000 strong demolished a Muslim mosque to replace it with a temple to the god Rama. The communal strife which followed throughout India killed thousands of people.

21 July 2013. In a land dispute, the supporters of two mahants opened fire at each other.