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Enrique Pena Nieto

For Mexicans, the Double Curse of a Pushover President in the Face of Trump

Twice now since August, Donald Trump has treated the Mexican president with open contempt, and been met with shocked and feeble hesitation, writes the Mexico City daily La Jornada. A president and a political class which have somehow still failed to apprehend the kind of man they are now dealing with in Washington:

“When you don’t make a decision soon enough,” the old proverb says, “someone will make it for you.”

Trump Gate-Crashes Mexico

A surprise meeting with the Mexican president today, ahead of his “major immigration speech” in Arizona: Donald Trump announced it on Twitter yesterday. But according to the Bajo Reserva column in Mexico City’s daily El Universal, Trump more or less proclaimed the meeting without consulting with the Mexican government, setting the date to fit with his US speech, catching President Enrique Pena Nieto flatfooted.

Basically, the Republican candidate to the White House has spectacularly crashed the gates of the Mexican government.

An Autumn of Discontent South of the Border

Last week, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto violated the ancient if somewhat unsightly Mexican tradition of the planton, when he ordered security forces to violently disperse the massive tent-city/protest of Mexican teachers’ union from the capital’s central square. The teachers were removed so Pena Nieto could preside over a nicer looking independence day ceremony, unencumbered by visible signs of dissent.

Pena Nieto's reforms, launched with his improvised legislative minority, have set off protests by important segments of society, who have expressed their demands with real clarity and force.